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is The Embodied Living Community?

A community created with YOU, the MEMBER in mind. 

A safe space where pleasure, passion, taboos, and your unbound curiosities are welcome. 

For those who desire to understand more deeply how the world of sacred intimacy, conscious relationships, and Masculine and Feminine Dynamics affect our everyday life. 

For those who desire more. 

To be more
To have more
To feel more...


To live more fully
This is for you.


is inside The Embodied Empire Community?

This is an exclusive community that welcomes all those individuals who are ready to deepen their understanding of what is actually possible in sex, intimacy, and conscious relationships.

A community of womxn who are actively interested in learning more about themselves, their bodies, and their sexuality.

**Men and non-binary channels are set to open in the future**

For those who are interested in exploring Relationships by DESIGN vs by DEFAULT.

For those who desire to learn more about ALL aspects of relationship constellations and formations such as; monogamy, ethical non-monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, to what we like to call 

New Paradigm Relationships

It doesn't matter what you identify with, you would be LGBTQ or in a monogamous hetero-normative partnership or no partnership at all.

What matters is that you have an open mind, are willing to learn, and are fully ready to say yes to what IS actually possible in your intimate and sexual life. 

Inside Embodied Empire you will find men and womxn much like you who are craving to understand each other more fully so that they live more integrated, healthy, richer lives.


do I get inside The Embodied Living Community?

Here is a sneak peek at what it looks like inside the Embodied Empire 👀

Inside the community you will receive access to:

☞ LIVE Interviews with top experts in the field of sexuality, intimacy, and conscious relationships

☞ Themed Monthly Workshops to help you Integrate the knowledge shared
☞ LIVE Q & A's to get your questions answered
☞ Access to an amazing, connective community of individuals like you who want to learn, grow and expand together on their journey

☞Discounts on special events from Guest Teachers
☞ Discounts on future masterminds and top-level transformational programs

☞☞☞ & much more depending on the membership you choose ☜☜☜

The Embodied Empire is a paid exclusive community.
We will be opening in several different stages in order to give the BEST support to our growing online community.

The 1st of our private groups (or what we call channels) will be offered is to those who identify as WOMXN.

The Channel called:
The Pleasure Revolution (for womxn)
Opening in April 20th


This will be a membership-based community created so that those born in female bodies have a safe and sacred space to connect and explore the topics of; femininity, menstruation, sexuality, pleasure, embodiment, relationships, and more. 

The intention of this space is to support women in reclaiming a healthy connection to themselves, their bodies, and their pleasure.  

*You will receive monthly embodiment practices, interviews from top-notch facilitators around the world, and exclusive workshops and training given only to this community by Amanda.

And last but certainly not least you will be connected to an amazing, incredible, supportive, luscious group of women who are beyond supportive of you and your journey. Many of these women have ended up connecting in real-time in different places from around the world.

Check out what it's like to spend a week inside our community

Why you should join us and invite your close friends to join too?!

This specific community is an invite-only type of platform; meaning you've got to know someone to be inside.
The intention behind this is to have high quality, connections, content, and conversations with aligned individuals who can help you excel in life and in love.

It's better than Facebook & Instagram

For many reasons:
#1 There are no 3rd party algorithms controlling what you do and do not see
#2 There is no banning of 'explicit' posts from bots (which means you get real unedited, unfiltered content delivered always)
#3 There is less 'noise' FB has become bombarded with people, groups, notifications, ads, and people selling left and right.
#4 Higher Quality Content - We've made a promise with our top content contributors that the intention is to create a community overselling. This means we want you to get to know them deeply and from there be invited into their programs (of course they are all amazing and we want you to work deeper with them) Thus we all promise to provide high quality, informational, inspirational and relevant content to you.

Introducing Amanda Biccum - The Creator of Embodied Empire Community  

I've spent the last 7 years living and studying around the world learning from various cultures, traditions, and teachers in the fields of; nutrition, embodiment, sexuality, and spirituality. 

Having worked with men and women I've realized there are fundamental differences in the way we see and experience the world. And yet, despite these differences, we desire the same thing:


My deepest desire is to provide support for men and womxn to deepen their connections to themselves, thus being able to connect more fully with others cultivating more fulfilling lives.

I believe we are currently in a world where we get to move 'beyond the box' of what we've been programmed to believe is possible in life, love, and human intimacy.

I am so grateful that you are here and I promise to provide you with some of the deepest concentrated quality you could possibly get in the online spaces. 

Why you should join us?


Ever wanted to feel like you had a space to share, ask questions, and deepen your understanding of what is possible in intimacy, relationships, and conscious sexuality?

How about wanting to have a community of supportive, nourishing, like-minded individuals who are here to support you in deepening your understanding of what's possible in love, life, and sexuality.

Congratulations, you've finally made it.

Here at the Embodied Living Community, you will find eye-opening conversations, life-changing practices, and the supportive community you've been calling in for this next part of your journey. 

You're in the right place if...

You desire to learn more about:




Feminine Embodied Leadership

Check out what a year in the life of our community will bring you

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